Which Indian rupee coin is of highest value?

Which Indian coin has highest value?

Rare, unique and historical coin SELLS for whopping Rs 138 Crore, here’s why. Auction house Sotheby’s described the rare and historic 1933 Double Eagle as “one of the most coveted coins in the world”.

Which rupee coin is valuable?

Rare, One Rupee Coin Issued During The British Raj, Sells For A Whopping Rs 10 Crore At An Auction. One such rare coin of Re 1 was sold at an online auction for a whopping Rs 10 crore. This rare coin fetched such a massive amount because it was issued in 1885 during the British Raj in India.

What are the top 10 rarest coins in India?

Rare Sangam Age Coin List: Rare Old Raja Raja Chola Coin: Rare South Indian Coins: Rare Indian Coins List: One or 1 Naya Paisa: Two Naya Paisa: Three Paisa Coin: Five or 5 Paisa: Ten or 10 Paise coins: Twenty or 20 Paise Coin: Twenty Five or 25 Paise Coins: Fifty or 50 Paise Coins: One or 1 Rupee Coins Price: Two or 2 …

What is the value of 1 paisa?

This one paisa coin can give you value up to 5 rupees to 100 rupees depending on coin condition, year, and mintmark.

Can I sell 1 rupee coin?

You will be surprised to know that you can earn Rs 25 lakh in exchange of a one rupee coin. You can earn the amount by auctioning your coin at India’s big online market called Indiamart. … Then you will need to auction your coin.

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What is the value of 100 year old Indian coin?

“This is in reference to the articles appearing in the media publications wherein it is mentioned that old one rupee coins which are at least 100 years old are being auctioned at a fixed price of 25 lakh on the company platform.

Does RBI buy old coins?

For selling old banknotes and coins, people are asking for fees/commissions or taxes. The Reserve Bank has said in its statement that it is not involved in any such activity and will never ask for any fee or commission from anyone for such transactions.