Which country is furthest away from India?

Which country is longest distance from India?

Distance from India to Other Countries

Country Distance Mileage
Distance from United Arab Emirates to India 2,605 km 1,619 miles
Distance from Afghanistan to India 1,852 km 1,151 miles
Distance from Antigua and Barbuda to India 14,027 km 8,716 miles
Distance from Anguilla to India 14,036 km 8,722 miles

Which country is the Farest?

China. China is not only the largest country population-wise, but also one of the largest in terms of square miles (3.7 million, to be exact).

What is the longest distance in the world?

, the longest continuous direct driving route in the world is 8,726 miles or 14,043 kilometers — from Sagres in Portugal to Khasan in Russia — consuming approximately six days and 19 hours of time.

What 2 countries are farthest apart?

What are the 2 farthest points on Earth?

  • Rosario, Argentina to Xinghua, China: 19,996 km (12,425 mi)
  • Lu’an, China to Río Cuarto, Argentina: 19,994 km (12,424 mi)
  • Cuenca, Ecuador to Subang Jaya, Malaysia: 19,989 km (12,421 mi)
  • Shanghai, China to Concordia, Argentina: 19,984 km (12,417 mi)

What country is farthest from the equator?

Island of Greenland which belongs to sovereign nation Kingdom of Denmark is the farthest from the Equator at 83.04N.

What is the farthest country from China?

Furthest Countries from China

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Km Country
19,059 Bolivia
18,265 Peru
18,182 Paraguay
17,619 Brazil