Which city is called evergreen city of India?

How old is Trivandrum?

The history of Thiruvananthapuram dates back to the 18th century AD. In 1795, the city became capital of the princely state of Travancore. Several historic landmarks of the city, including the Kowdiar Palace, University of Kerala, and Napier Museum were built during this period.

Which city is known as greenest city?

Mysore has been tagged as India’s 1st and most green and clean city. Swach Bharat Urban congratulated Mysore and regarded as the greenest city of India. Mysore is the 2nd largest city of Karnataka and owning to its cultural heritage and strategic location easily makes it the best planned city.

Which is the richest city in Kerala?

List of districts and cities in Kerala by GDP per capita

Rank City District
1 (Kochi) Ernakulam
2 Kannur (Cannannore) Kannur
3 Kollam (Quilon) Kollam
4 Thrissur (Trichur) Thrissur

Why is Kerala rich?

The Kerala Economy is therefore largely dependent on trade in services and resulted remittances. In 2012, the state was the highest receiver of overall remittances to India which stood at Rs. 49,965 Crore (31.2% of the State’s GDP), followed by Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Which is the safest city in Kerala?

And going by the statistics provided by the Kerala Police, Ernakulam, the twin city of Kochi, and also the commercial capital of the state, is the safest city in the state.

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What is the old name of Kochi?

Changed Name (in India)

Old Name New Name
Trivandrum Thiruvananthapuram
Quilon Kollam
Aleppey Alappuzha
Cochin Kochi