Which are the main rivers of peninsular India?

Which are the rivers in the peninsular region of India?

The peninsular Rivers in India include the Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery, Narmada, and Tapti or Tapi. Together they drain a significant portion of rural India.

What are the 3 rivers in Peninsula?

The peninsular river system

Most of the major rivers of the peninsula such as the Mahanadi, the Godavari, the Krishna and the Kaveri flow eastwards and drain into the Bay of Bengal.

Which are the main rivers of peninsular India meets Arabian Sea?

Rivers of Peninsular India flowing towards the Arabian Sea are Narmada-Tapi.

  • The Tapi Basin.
  • The Tapi rises in the Satpura ranges, in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. …
  • The Narmada Basin. …
  • The other main west rivers flowing west are Sabarmati, Mahi, Bharathpuzha, and Periyar.

What are peninsular rivers?

The peninsular rivers are the rivers that originate from the peninsular plateaus and small hills of India. … Some of the famous peninsular rivers include Kaveri, Narmada, Tapi, Krishna, Mahanadi and Godavari.

What are the two peninsular rivers?

Ans. River Narmada and Tapi are the two Peninsular rivers which flow through trough.

Which is the largest peninsular rivers?

In terms of length, catchment area and discharge, the Godavari is the largest in peninsular India, and had been dubbed as the Dakshina Ganga (Ganges of the South).

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What are the major rivers of Peninsular Plateau?

Two rivers of the Peninsular Plateau that flow towards the Arabian Sea are Narmada and Tapi. Two rivers that flow into the Bay of Bengal are Mahanadi and Godavari.