Which act is known as good governance in India?

What is the other name of Indian Government act?

Government of India Act 1833 or Saint Helena Act, created the post of Governor-General of India. Government of India Act 1858, established India as a nation consisting of British India and princely states.

What was the Government of India Act popularly known as?

Hint The Government of India Act of 1919 is also known as Montagu- Chelmsford Reforms. The Act has its own set of objectives under a separate Preamble. To be precise, the British Parliament that sought to increase the participation of Indians in the administration of their country.

What are the main features of 1919 Act?

Salient Features of the GOI Act, 1919

  • Separate Preamble & End of Benevolent Despotism. …
  • Introduction of Diarchy. …
  • Indian Executive. …
  • Bicameral Legislature. …
  • Establishment of Public Service Commission. …
  • Statutory Commission after 10 Years. …
  • Extension to Communal Representation. …
  • Central Legislature.

Who introduced Charter Act?

This Act was passed when Lord Dalhousie was the Governor-General of India. Candidates can also download the Charter Act of 1853 notes PDF from the link given below. Read the Charter Acts of 1793, 1813 and 1833 in the linked articles given below: Charter Act of 1793.

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What is Indian Forest Act 1878?

The Indian Forest Act of 1878 divided Indian forests into reserved forests (completely government controlled), protected forests (partly government controlled), and village forests (controlled by abutting villages). … The act was further amended and succeeded by the Indian Forest Act of 1927.

What is central act?

Central Act meanss an Act of Parliament, and shall include- An Act of the Dominion Legislature or of the Indian Legislature passed before the commencement of the Constitution, and Act made before such commencement by the Governor General in Council or the Governor General, acting in a legislature capacity. Sample 1.

Why is the Government of India Act 1935 important?

Government of India Act, 1935 was a major step towards the Independence of India and helped in the reorganization of the states. Britishers have introduced this Act because through this Act they can win the support of modern nationalist and they could rule over the dominion of India.

What did the Government of India Act 1935 do?

The Government of India Act, 1935 was passed by British Parliament in August 1935. … This act ended the system of dyarchy introduced by the Government of India Act 1919, and provided for establishment of a Federation of India to be made up of provinces of British India and some or all of the Princely states.

Which act is also called as Montague Chelmsford reformative act?

Answer: Indian councils Act of 1919 (or) Montague – Chelmsford Act 1919.

Which act is called Minto Morley Reforms also?

In the constitutional evolution of India, the Act of 1909 was a decided step and opened the door for real politics.

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