Where are geodes found in India?

Where can I dig for crystals in India?

Several key localities include the Aurangabad Forest, Ahmadnagar, Mahodari, Jalgaon, Wagholi Quarry, Pashan Quarry, and others. Many are located within the Maharashtra Region, but Malad, Mumbai (Bombay) also has produced many fine minerals and crystals.

Where is travertine found in India?

8. Travertine Stone in India. It is a kind of limestone found in hot mineral springs around India.

Where is red stone found in India?

Named after Lakha village, the red granite is found on the border of Jaisalmer and Barmer districts will be utilized in the construction of flooring, walkways, and pillars in the Central Vista . The sourcing has been going on for the past two months and thus far 55,000 cubic meters of stone have been sold.

Where is opal found in India?

Nagaland University has used its geologists and palaeontologists to discover the treasures of chromium, nickel and cobalt deposits, along with precious stones like chalsodony and opal.

Where is rose quartz found in India?

district, Bihar. Several veins containing sparse mineralisation of rose quartz are also found in many parts of Hyderabad district. Rose quartz has also been reported from Warangal district, Andhra Pradesh. In Maharashtra, rose-quartz, occurring as vein near Khairi (21°32′ : 78°50′) has been reported.

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Where is agate stone found in India?

In India, many varieties of agate are found such as the Jasper, bloodstone, chocolate stone, maimariam, azure, jet and Pijora varieties. These are found in parts of Bombay, Chennai and in the state of Orissa. However, it is found predominantly in Khambhat, in the western part of Gujarat.