What was the lowest temperature in Mumbai?

What was the lowest temperature in Mumbai in 2019?

The lowest minimum temperature recorded in December 2019 was 16.4 degrees Celsius. In 2018, lowest minimum temperatures dropped to 14.4 degrees Celsius. Goregaon station recorded the lowest temperature in the city at 14.5 degrees Celsius, followed by Powai at 14.6 degrees Celsius.

Is Mumbai hot or cold?

Mumbai’s climate can be best described as moderately hot with high level of humidity. Its coastal nature and tropical location ensure temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year. The mean average is 27.2 °C and average precipitation is 242.2 cm (95.35 inches).

Does it snow in Delhi?

Can snowfall occur in Delhi? A. Since Delhi’s temperature doesn’t touch 0 degree celsius, it is highly unlikely to have snowfall in Delhi.

Why there is no winter in Mumbai?

Mumbai and Chennai have maritime climate as it is along the shoreline of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal respectively. So the sea tones down extreme climatic conditions. … The breeze blows over the sea and land, as a result these cities experience less severe summer and winter.

Why is Mumbai so hot?

“A combination of factors such as warm and dry easterly winds from over central India moved over the city as well as the very late setting in of sea breeze on both Tuesday and Wednesday led to the rise in maximum temperature, much beyond any other location in the central Indian plains or the west coast,” said …

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Is Delhi hotter than Mumbai?

Delhi being North of Mumbai gets more Sun during these months. During the summer months the sun shines brighter on the northern latitudes. Delhi being North of Mumbai gets more Sun during these months. Because of strong sun the environment and the air around Delhi {and other Northern states) because warmer and lighter.

What was the hottest day in Mumbai?

On March 27, the city sizzled at 40.7 degrees Celsius, the highest of the season. “As we have already conveyed in our long-term forecast, it is going to be a hotter than normal summer season in Mumbai this year.