What was the impact of English education in India?

What is the impact of English education?

Employment. Employment is another obvious advantage. Being able to speak English opens learners up to a number of jobs where speaking English is a necessary skill. This means not only jobs in English-speaking countries but jobs in their own countries which require international communication.

What was the impact of education on the Indian society?

Loosened the bonds of caste system and led to casteism – Modern education had loosened the bonds of caste system, which kept discipline in various sections of society and believed in inter-dependence. It also made Indians to loose their faith in social values and systems.

What was the impact of the British in India?

They forced the commercialisation of agriculture with the growing of various cash crops and the raw materials for the industries in the Britain. With the strong political control, the British were able to monopolise the trade with India. They defeated their foreign rivals in trade so that there could be no competition.

What are the effects of English education in India Class 10?

But, it was Charles Grant who pressed for the universalization of British’ education in India. It effects are : Indians could develop modernity, secularism, democratic attitudes and rationality along with Nationalistic ideals. The impetus was received for the local literature and languages.

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What were the positive impact of British rule in India?

Positive Impact: Some positive impact of the British rule in India were the introduction of the railways, post and telegraph system for masses, introduction of Western sceinces and the English language. However, it is to be noted that the British intorduced railways for its own benifits.

What are the impact of education on society?

When an entire society is educated, productivity increases, average income increases, and unemployment decreases. This leads to the economic growth and stability of a society as a whole. It starts with education. Those with education beyond high school tend to have higher salaries than high school degree holders.

How did Britain impact India’s economy?

The Industrial Revolution in England created a serious impact on Indian economy as it reversed the character and composition of India’s foreign trade. This led to destruction of Indian handicrafts although there was no substantial growth of modern factory industry.

What are the impacts of British?

Social and Cultural Impact:

Amid social issues like Sati, Child Marriages, Infanticides; ideas like Liberty, Equality, Freedom, and Human Rights were brought by the British. To improve the condition of women in society, various legal measures were introduced.

Was there any positive impact of the British rule in India Class 12?

Answer: Yes, there were various positive contributions that were made by the British in India though these contributions wore not made with the objective of welfare for Indians but for the British interests. … It opened up the cultural and geographical barriers and facilitated commercialization of Indian agriculture.

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