What was set in 1950 for the economic development of the India?

What was the economy of India in 1950?

GDP estimates

Year GDP (PPP) (1990 dollars) GDP per capita (1990 dollars)
1870 134,882,000,000 510
1913 204,242,000,000 673
1940 265,455,000,000 686
1950 222,222,000,000 619

Why did India adopted economic Planning in 1950?

Five-Year Plans were a formal model of planning adopted by the Indian government after Independence, for an effective and balanced utilisation of resources. They were formulated by the Planning Commission of India, which was established on 15 March 1950.

What was the economy of India in 1951?


In 1950-51, the contribution of the primary sector towards India’s gross domestic product or GDP was nearly 55.9 p.c., while it was 14.9 p.c. for the secondary sector-Since then there has been a steady decline in the share of the primary sector in GDP and it declined to 19.4 p.c. in 2007-08.

What type of economy is an Indian economy?

Today, India is considered a mixed economy: the private and public sectors co-exist and the country leverages international trade.

What is Economic Planning Indian economy?

The term economic planning is used to describe the long term plans of the government of India to develop and coordinate the economy with efficient utilization of resources. … Long term objectives of Five Year Plans in India are: High Growth rate to improve the living standard of the residents of India.

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Which model is adopted by India for the development?

Which model of development was adopted by India? Answer: Two models of development are the capitalist and socialist models of development, India adopted the elements from both these models together to be known as “Mixed Economy”.

What are the achievement of economic planning in India?

Economic planning in India has been successful in increasing the national income and the per capita income of the country resulting in economic growth. The net national income at factor cost increased from Rs. 4393.45 billion in 1966- 67 to Rs. 45, 733 billion in 2011-12 (at 2004-05 prices).

How has global development levels changed since 1950?

While the global average income grew 4.4-fold, the world population increased 3-fold, from around 2.5 billion to almost 7.5 billion today. … An almost 3-fold increase of the population multiplied by a 4.4-fold increase in average prosperity means that the global economy has grown 13-fold since 1950.

What was the share of service sector in India GDP in 1950?

But between the period of 1950-1951 to 2009- 2010, the share of the agriculture sector in GDP fell from 55.9% to 14.6%, whereas that of the industrial sector rose from 14.3% to 28.1% and that of the services sector rose from 29.8% to 57.3%.