What type of climate do India have?

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What type of climate do we have in India?

Most of our India is a sub tropical country and that means very hot summers, humid rainy season and mild winters. In the hilly regions the summers are mild and the winters are cold. The monsoons affect most of India between June and August.

What type of climate does India have class 9?

Answer: India has a ‘monsoon type’ of climate. This type of climate is found mainly in South and Southeast Asia.

What is the climate of India Short answer?

The climate of India is described as a monsoon type. This type of climate is found in south and southeast Asia. … The coastal regions of India show the least amount of difference between the temperatures of night and day. In the interior regions, the difference in temperatures of day and night is huge.

What are the 6 types of climate in India?

In India, (Bansal & Minke, 1988) had carried out detailed studies and reported that India can be divided into six climatic zones, namely, hot and dry, warm and humid, moderate, cold and cloudy, cold and sunny, and composite.

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What kind of climate does India have for Class 4?

In summer, it is hot and dry in almost all parts of India, except the mountains. During summers the days are longer and the nights are shorter. Hot dry winds called Loo, blow in the Northern Plains. The Coastal Plains are not so hot in summers because of the cool sea breeze.

How many weather are there in India?

The twelve months in a year are divided into six seasons of two-month duration each. These seasons include Vasant Ritu (Spring), Grishma Ritu (Summer), Varsha Ritu (Monsoon), Sharad Ritu (Autumn), Hemant Ritu (Pre-Winter) and Shishir Ritu (Winter).

Why do different parts of India have different climates?

Essentially, there arc two main reasons that climate varies from place to place; first, the amount of energy arriving from the sun, and second the circulation of the atmosphere and oceans which carry heat and moisture from one placc to another.