What is the price of cow milk in India?

What is the cost of 1 litre milk in India?

1 Liter Fresh Cow Milk at Rs 55/litre | Fresh Cow Milk | ID: 19015842848.

What is the price of 1 kg milk?

The price of 1 litre Amul milk packet today is Rs 58, an increase from the earlier rate of Rs 56. Packet of 2 litre of Amul milk that was priced at Rs 88 is now by Rs 90.

What is the cost of 1 litre Gir cow milk?

Gir Cow Milk at Rs 77/litre | Fresh Cow Milk | ID: 16716612412.

What is the milk price in India?

Full cream milk (poly pack) will be available at ₹ 57 per litre up from ₹ 55 per litre now. Prices of toned milk has been revised to ₹ 47 from ₹ 45 per litre, while double toned milk (Live Lite) rates have gone up to ₹ 41 from ₹ 39 per litre. Cow milk will cost ₹ 49 from Sunday as against ₹ 47 per litre now.

What is the milk price today?


Name Price Date
Corn 5.55 11/5/21 11:36 AM
Feeder Cattle 1.59 11/5/21 11:33 AM
Milk 17.79 11/5/21 11:36 AM
Orange Juice 1.28 10/29/21 01:43 PM

Is Amul cow milk?

Amul Cow Milk (Polypack) is pure and pasteurized milk with great nutritional value. It can be consumed directly or can be used for preparing tea, coffee, sweets, khoya, curd, buttermilk, ghee etc.

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Which cow milk is best?

The Bos Indicus cow is the desi breed that produces the A2 milk with the good quality protein but it has been conveniently replaced by the high-yielding cross breed, popularly known as HF or Holstein Friesian in India which provides the A1 variety of milk.