What is the basic occupation of 80% of India?

Which is the main occupation?

Agriculture is the ‘main occupation’ of our country. Explanation: In our country, ‘two-third’ of the population is ‘dependent on agriculture’ in form or the other. It is the ‘main source’ of livelihood for the people of India.

Is the dominant occupation of the people in India?

Agriculture is the dominant occupation of the people in India .

Is the chief occupation of the villagers?

The chief occupation of the villagers is agriculture .

What are the occupations of India?

List of professions/ occupations covered

1 Agarbatti making
2 Agriculture
3 Agriculture machinery handling
4 Anganwadi Workers
5 Animal Husbandry

Which one is a primary occupation class 10?

Classification of occupation

Primary activities include agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, fishing, mining, and quarrying etc. Secondary activities include the manufacturing industry, building and construction work etc.

What is the main occupation of Delhi?

The main occupation of people living in Delhi is agriculture.

Is the main occupation of rural India?

Agriculture is the main occupation in rural areas. The percentage of the rural population in India is 65.13% which is why agriculture is so important to the country’s economy.

Which is the most important occupation of the people in India?

Farming is the most important occupation of the people in India.

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