What is population explosion in India?

What is population explosion?

: a pyramiding of numbers of a biological population especially : the recent great increase in human numbers resulting from increased survival and exponential population growth.

What is population explosion answer?

Population explosion refers to the rapid and dramatic rise in world population that has occurred over the last few hundred years. Between 1959 and 2000, the world’s population increased from 2.5 billion to 6.1 billion people.

What is population explosion in Indian economy?

In India, population explosion is the result of high birth rate. High birth rate reduces health and welfare of women. … This leads to high death rate among women in the reproductive age due to early marriage. Hence to improve the welfare and status of women in our society, we have to reduce the birth rate.

What causes population explosion in India?

There two main causes of high increase in population in India viz. High Birth Rate, and Low Death Rate. Birth rate refers to the number of children born per thousand persons in a year.

What is population explosion Why is this so?

the rapid increase in numbers of a particular species, especially in the world’s human population since the end of World War II, attributed to an accelerating birthrate, a decrease in infant mortality, and an increase in life expectancy.

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What is population explosion class 10?

Population Explosion refers to the rapid increase in the number of people in an area. It is a situation where the economy of the country cannot cope up with the rapid growth of the population.

What is population explosion class 8?

A rapid growth in population is referred to as population explosion. If the birth rate is more than the death rate, then there is an increase in population. If the death rate is more than the birth rate, then there is a decrease in the population.

What is population explosion its causes and effects?

Overpopulation is caused by a number of factors. Reduced mortality rate, better medical facilities, depletion of precious resources are few of the causes which result in overpopulation. … In the past fifty years or so, the growth of the population has boomed and has turned into overpopulation.

What is population problem in India?

Some of the major population problems of India are as follows: 1. Rapid Growth of Population 2. Disproportionate Gender Composition 3. Poor Standard of Living and Malnutrition 4.