What is best ground clearance for Indian roads?

Is 165 mm ground clearance enough for Indian roads?

Answer is No – if the drive is mostly restricted to Metro. You may think of ground clearance as a factor if the car has lesser than 160 mm GC or if you go for upcountry roads on regular basis.

Is 5 inches enough ground clearance?

Registered. With a decent suspension, 5″ of clearance is fine for almost anything most (non-serious offroad) people would attempt. With heavy loads or soft suspension, you need more. An Alltrack is probably the perfect car for you.

Is 180 mm ground clearance enough for Indian roads?

Since the height of the obstacles is not fixed, and a car has its own limitations and requirements, according to experts, a ground clearance of 170-180mm is suitable for Indian roads. In other words, the ground clearance needs to be at least 165mm to safely traverse Indian roads and minimise damage.

Which Maruti has highest ground clearance?

A. The ground clearance of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is 198 mm and the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is 180 mm.

What is a good ground clearance?

Generally, all- or four-wheel drive is a must, as is finding a vehicle with enough ground clearance so it can drive over obstacles — hills, rocks, mud, creeks — without sustaining damage. As a general rule of thumb, a vehicle with 8.5 inches of clearance or more should be pretty good. … Four-high is for normal driving.

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Does TYRE size increase ground clearance?

The simplest way to boost the ground clearance is by having bigger tyres. You can either go for taller tyres while retaining the rims that you have, or buy taller tyres and rims. However, do remember that changing the tyre dimension will have some impact on the overall performance of the car.