Quick Answer: Will India gives BrahMos to Vietnam?

Can India export BrahMos missile?

Exporting the BrahMos missile system will be of great significance, as it would boost the credibility of India as a defense exporter, help it meet the target of $5 billion in defense exports by 2025, and elevate its stature as a regional superpower.

Does India have interceptor for missile?

On 6 March 2011, India launched its indigenously developed interceptor missile from the Odisha coast. India successfully test-fired its interceptor missile which destroyed a ‘hostile’ target ballistic missile, a modified Prithvi, at an altitude of 16 km over the Bay of Bengal.

Does India have BrahMos 2?

While Australia has collaborated with the US, India has collaborated with Russia on this, the CRS said in its report. India has collaborated with Russia on the development of BrahMos II, a Mach 7 hypersonic cruise missile, the CRS report said.

Which countries are interested in BrahMos?

The second country on the list is Indonesia, while Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa have also shown an interest in acquiring the 290-km range BrahMos, which has emerged as the “precision-strike weapon of choice” for Indian armed forces.

Does India have Surya missile?

The Surya missile is a speculated intercontinental ballistic missile developed by India.

Surya missile.

Surya ICBM
Engine Two-stage solid rocket + third stage solid/liquid rocket
Propellant Solid and liquid fuel
Operational range ~12,000-16,000 km
Maximum speed Mach 27 (33,076 km/h)
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Can India stop Pakistan missile?

“As for whether India can develop ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, the UNSCR 1172 already has clear stipulations,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Thursday in response to questions over reports on the upcoming test, which has received wide attention in the Chinese press with …

Does India have air Defence?

The S-400 air defence system was contracted for by India in a deal worth around Rs 35,000 crore and five squadrons would be provided to India for tacking air threats from up to 400 km. … Indian Air Force officers and personnel have trained in Russia on the system.