Quick Answer: Who was the ruler when Fa Hien visited India Name the three places of pilgrimage Fa Hien visited in India?

Who was the ruler when Fa-Hien visited India when did he?

Fa-Hien started his journey from China in AD 399 and reached India in AD 405 and stayed in India up to 411. Chandragupta II was the ruler at that time.

Which places did Fa-Hien visited in India?

In northwestern India, which he entered in 402, Faxian visited the most important seats of Buddhist learning: Udyana, Gandhara, Peshawar, and Taxila. Above all, however, he was attracted by eastern India, where the Buddha had spent his life and had taught his doctrines.

Who was the ruler 15 and visited India?

Fa-hsien was a Chinese Buddhist monk who visited many sacred Buddhist sites in the Indian subcontinent and other places between 399-412 to obtain Buddhist texts. He travelled by foot from China crossing ice and rough mountains to reach India from the northwest direction to Pataliputra.

Who was the ruler when Fa-Hien visited?

Chandragupta II was the ruler when Fa-hien visited India. Three places of pilgrimage that Fa-Hien visited in India : Taxila, Mathura, Kanauj, Kosambi, Kashi, Kusinara, Saraswati, Kapilvastu, Vaishali, Patliputra and Nalanda.

Who was Fa-Hien Name any two places he visited?

ADVERTISEMENTS: He reached India about 400 A.D. and remained here up to 411 A.D. He visited Peshawar, Taxila, Mathura, Kannauj. Sravasti, Kapilavastu, Sarnath and many other places. He embarked for Ceylon at the sea-port of Tamralipti (West Bengal).

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Who was Fa-Hien and Hiuen Tsang?

Since he stayed in India for 14 long years, his accounts reflect what ancient India must have been once. Fa-Hien is a Foreign Envoy who visited India at the time of Chandragupta II, known as Vikramaditya. He was a Chinese pilgrim. Fa-Hien was the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India.

Who was Fa-Hien short answer?

Fa-hien was a Chinese Buddhist monk who travelled on foot to India and visited popular Buddhist temples. He came to India in reign of Chandragupta ll (Vikramaditya) . He was so absorbed in finding the teachings of Lord buddha that he stayed in India for almost 6 years .

When did Hiuen Tsang came to India?

Hiuan Tsang (Yuan Chwang), a Chinese Buddhist pilgrim who came to India during the reign of King Harshabardhan. He was arriving in 630 A.D. he stayed for 15 years, studying Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism in such monasteries as Kashmir, Sialkot, Kanauj, and Nalanda.