Quick Answer: When India won the second World Cup?

Who won the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

Which cricket tournament has India won twice?

Sri Lanka was the first and only host to win the tournament, in 2002, but they were declared co-champions with India as the final was twice washed out. England is the only other host to have made the final. It has achieved this twice – in 2004 and 2013.


Team India
Statistics Lost 8
NR 3
Win% 69.23

Has Pakistan won the World Cup?

Pakistan was the 1992 World Cup champion, and was the runner-up in the 1999 tournament. Pakistan, in conjunction with other countries in South Asia, has hosted the 1987 and 1996 World Cups, with the 1996 final being hosted at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

Who won the 2012 Cricket World Cup?

Is India out of World Cup 2021?

T20 World Cup 2021: India out of semifinal race as New Zealand beat Afghanistan by 8 wickets.

How many times win World Cup India?

Having won ICC Cricket World Cups (in the ODI format) in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015, Australia have now pocketed one in the T20 format as well. The next team with most men’s World Cup titles is West Indies (four), followed by India (three), Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England (two each).

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