Quick Answer: Is the largest producer of groundnut in India *?

Which is the largest producer of groundnut?

As of 2019, China was the largest producer of peanuts worldwide, holding an estimated 36 percent share of global production. India ranked second that year, producing about 14 percent of the world’s peanuts.

Production share of peanuts worldwide in 2019, by leading country.

Characteristic Production share

Why India is the largest producer of groundnut?

India is the second largest producer of groundnuts in the world. … Groundnut is the major oil seed crop in India and it plays a major role in bridging the vegetable oil deficit in the country. Groundnuts in India are available throughout the year due to a two-crop cycle harvested in March and October.

Which is the second largest producer of groundnut in India?

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Sr No. State Production
1 Gujarat 4,645.52
2 Rajasthan 1,619.33
3 Tamil Nadu 1,033.00

Who is the largest producer of groundnut in India Class 10?

Gujarat is the leading producer of groundnut in India.

How much groundnut is produced in India?

In fiscal year 2021, India estimated a production of more than nine million metric tons of groundnut. This was a decrease from the fiscal year 2019.

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Characteristic Production volume in million metric tons
FY 2021** 9.54
FY 2020* 10.1
FY 2019 6.73
FY 2018 9.25

Where is groundnut mostly grown?

China and India together are the world’s leading groundnut producers accounting for nearly 60 percent of the production and 52 percent of the crop area. India cultivates about 7.74 million hectares and produces 7.61 million tonnes of groundnut with the productivity level of 991.8 kg ha-1.

In which states groundnut is grown in India?

Groundnut cultivation has increased from 6.8 million ha in 1980-81 to 8 million ha in the year 2002-03. Peanut is grown mostly in five states namely Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, and together they account for about 90 per cent Page 9 4 of the crop’s total area.

Which country is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables?

India India ranks first in the world with an annual output of 32mt fruits about 8percent of the world’s fruits production and second largest producer of vegetables after China.