Question: Which Indian state produces most tea?

Which state has the best tea in India?

Top 5 Tea Producing Regions in India

  • ASSAM. Assam is bestowed with nature’s grace and right amount of rainfall and that is why, it has become a special place for tea cultivation. …
  • DARJEELING. In the foothills of Himalayas, world’s exquisite blend is produced in the region of Darjeeling. …
  • MUNNAR. …
  • KANGRA. …

Where is tea produced in India?

The main tea-growing regions are in the Northeast (including Assam) and in north Bengal (Darjeeling district and the Dooars region). Tea is also grown on a large scale in the Nilgiris in south India.

Which state is famous for tea?

Assam. The largest tea growing area in the world is found in Assam. Also, Assam is the largest contributor of tea in India. In fact, contrary to myths that we started growing tea only after it was procured from China; tea has always grown in Assam.

Why is India called country of tea?

Answer: Assam is known as the tea country as it contributes almost 15.6% to the world’s tea production. Explanation: It has the largest tea forms and almost contributes 55% to the total tea production in India.

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