Question: How did the English language get to India?

What language did the British bring to India?

In 1835, English replaced Persian as the official language of the Company. Lord Macaulay played a major role in introducing English and western concepts to education in India.

Why is Indian English so bad?

The top reason Americans don’t understand Indian accented English is because you say words using the wrong syllable stress. Two common examples are the words development and alternative. When you say these words, you stress the wrong part of the word. … Americans put stress on a different syllable.

How has English helped India?

English had a powerful impact on Indians that it remained the main language of India even after our independence. Today, English has become an integral part of our education system from literature to science and technology, arts and sports.

What would have happened if British never came to India?

India had always been a peaceful nation and would have nothing to with the World War II had it not been under the rule of the British. … The unscrupulous wartime policies of the British to supply food to soldiers at war led to the shortage of food in Bengal and Bihar causing millions of deaths out of starvation.

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