Question: Can an Indian live in Greece?

Can an Indian buy land in Greece?

Any foreigner can become a homeowner in Greece. The country does not apply any restrictions on purchase. On the contrary, nationals of non-EU countries can even benefit from the Golden Visa as long as the minimum amount of their real estate investment is €250,000.

Where do Indians live in Greece?

Indians in Greece

There is a tiny Hindu community in Athens. There are 25 PIOs and 12 NRIs in the city. There are many more Indian migrant workers in Athens, also in the whole of Greece, many of them work as domestic workers or chauffeurs for rich families.

Can I live in Greece permanently?

You can become a permanent resident in Greece with a low cost of €250,000. When you enter this program, you immediately get a permanent residence in Greece valid for five years. You can renew this permit every five years as long as you hold the investment.

Are there Hindus in Greece?

Hinduism. Hinduism in Greece has a small following. There is a small Hindu community in Athens. There are 25 PIOs and 12 NRIs in the city.

How can I move to Greece from India?

For an investor from India, the processing time for a Greece residency visa is between 3 to 5 months.

  1. Start Visa Application. Enter Greece with a valid visa. …
  2. View Property in Athens, suburbs or other areas in Greece. Obtain Tax Number, Open Bank Account, Sign PoA.
  3. Legal Check + Purchase. …
  4. Residency Card Issue.
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Where is cheapest land in India?

States like Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat have affordably priced land for sale, particularly in inner parts of these States. The same may also be true for some parts of Maharashtra and West Bengal as well.

How can I immigrate to Greece?

Residence Permits for Greece

  1. two completed application forms (to be obtained at the Ministry of Interior office)
  2. original passport and a copy of each page.
  3. three biometric passport photos.
  4. health certificate filled out by a Greek hospital.
  5. proof of health insurance.
  6. proof of sufficient funds to finance your stay.

Can I buy a house in Greece after Brexit?

You still have a right to buy property in the EU after Brexit. The right to buy property in the EU is not restricted to EU citizens. British citizens can still buy a house in the EU (Austria is an exception). Anyone who can pay the price is still able to purchase a property in one of the EU countries.

How many Indian live in Greece?

Organised Indian migration to Greece started in the 1970s, when labour was needed in the country’s shipping and textile industries. Today, around 15,000-16,000 regularised Indian migrants live in the country while the number of those who are undocumented is estimated to be around 50,000.

Is India older than Greece?

No, India is not the oldest country in the world. … Egypt, Iran, Armenia, China, Japan, Ethiopia, Greece, Portugal, San Marino, and France are the top 10 oldest countries in the world. Apart from there were many old countries in Europe, which have been eradicated.

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Do people work in Greece?

The length of a typical working week in Greece is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week starting at between 8am and 9am. Greeks do spent more time working as, according to Eurostat, employees in Greece work on average 42 hours per week compared to a European average of 40.3 hours per week.