Question: Are non essential deliveries allowed in Mumbai?

Is delivery of non-essential items allowed in Mumbai?

Therefore, all non-essential activities, including the sale and delivery of non-essential items, are prohibited during the lockdown,” Praveen Khandelwal, national secretary-general of CAIT, said in the letter to Goyal.

Will Amazon deliver non essentials in Mumbai?

Amazon is now delivering only essentials in Delhi and Mumbai. Both cities are seeing complete lockdowns, prohibiting delivery of non-essential items. However, most places in India are not under lockdown and Amazon is delivering everything to these places.

Is delivery Open in Mumbai?

Restrictions in Mumbai During Weekend Lockdown:

But home deliveries are allowed. Roadside food stalls including fruit stalls are allowed only to provide parcels or take away services. No person is allowed to stand there and consume food.

Will ecommerce deliver non essentials?

Earlier this week, Karnataka, which so far allowed all e-commerce deliveries, has now asked e-tailers to restrict their delivery to only essential goods. … Besides Karnataka, states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu have also banned e-commerce firms from delivering non-essential items to consumers.

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Is flipkart delivering in Orange Zone?

The latest guidelines from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) state that e-commerce platforms will be able to deliver non-essential products only in Green and Orange zones.

Is ecommerce Open in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is likely to allow delivery of non-essentials by ecommerce platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon in a week after a review of the fortnight-long lockdown that began Wednesday night, people familiar with the development told ET.

Does Flipkart deliver in Mumbai?

Leading online retail platforms, including Flipkart, Amazon and Reliance JioMart, have suspended orders for non-essential products in Maharashtra, following the state government’s fresh guidelines which permit delivery of only essential goods through e-commerce.

Is e-commerce allowed in Mumbai?

Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Tuesday announced curfew-like restrictions on the movement of people in the state from April 14 to May 1. As per the guidelines issued, ecommerce companies are allowed to deliver only essentials.

Is Amazon delivery allowed in Maharashtra?

Currently, we are enabling deliveries of essential products in the state of Maharashtra in line with new guidelines set by the government,” an Amazon India spokesperson said. … “Our delivery in Maharashtra will be restricted to essentials, as mandated by the government.

Is courier service working in lockdown in Maharashtra?

Q: Will courier services be available? A: Only for essential services.

Is food delivery allowed after 8pm in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: BMC commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal issued directives on Wednesday allowing delivery boys, domestic help, drivers and other service staff to carry on their work beyond the 8pm lockdown rule and on all days of the week.

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Is dine in open in Mumbai?

Restaurants in Mumbai will now remain open till 10pm, big relief for restaurateurs | Mumbai News – Times of India.