Is Indian tea the best?

Why is Indian tea better?

However, studies showed that strong Indian tea, may in fact, have more antioxidants than lighter Chinese Long Jing. Almost all Indian green teas will be suitable for blending, while the most of Chinese greens may be better enjoyed pure. One popular exception is Gunpowder.

Which is the No 1 tea in India?

1. Tata Tea. Tata Tea Limited is owned by the Tata Group. It is India’s best and most widely consumed Tea Brands and is the world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea.

How much Indian tea is drunk?

India is also the world’s largest tea-drinking nation. However, the per capita consumption of tea in India remains a modest 750 grams per person every year due to the large population base and high poverty levels.

Which is the tastiest tea in India?

Check out the Best Tea in India- 2021 (Reviews with Top Brands) and get the complete details of tea brands and varieties.

  • Red Label Tea Brand. …
  • Wagh Bakri Masala Instant Tea. …
  • Lipton Tea Brand. …
  • Tata Tetley 100. …
  • Twinings Assam Tea Brand. …
  • Marvel Tea Brand. …
  • Organic India Tea. …
  • Amazon Brand – Vedaka Premium Tea.

Which is the strongest tea in India?

Buying Guide in a Snapshot

Brand Aroma Flavor
Twinings Mild Camomile
Tata Agni Strong Regular Tea
Brooke Bond Strong Regular Tea
Vedaka Strong Regular Tea
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Which tea brand is the strongest?

The 11 best premium tea brands in the world

Tea brand Category Price
Vahdam Best overall $$
Tielka Best organic $$
TWG Best luxury $$$
Republic of Tea Best white $$