Is Indian classical music difficult than Western?

Is Indian classical music difficult?

Singer Shalmali Kholgade, best known for songs like “Pareshaan”, “Daaru desi” and “Balam pichkari”, believes that Indian classical music is too complicated for easy listening and that it requires “specific interest”. … There are songs composed in specific ragas. The singing style is Indian in most songs.

How different is Indian music from Western music?

The Indian music is based on melody or single notes played in a specific order. The Western music, on the contrary, is based on harmony that uses tonic progression and counterpoint abundantly. Western music has a standardized written notation meaning you have to play exactly as it is written.

How difficult is classical music?

Classical music, ranked difficult by only a tiny percentage — under 10 percent — of people surveyed. The results, for all kinds of music, varied by age. Three percent of people 18 t0 29 found classical music difficult, as opposed to 8% of people 45 to 64.

Is TM Krishna a Brahmin?

During the lecture, too, Krishna spoke at length about his station of privilege as an upper-caste (Brahmin) male within the realm of Carnatic music and how cognizance of this fact became the threshold which led him to confront many uncomfortable political, social, and cultural realities of being a man, a performing …

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Is Indian classical music good for the brain?

In a recent electroencephalography (EEG) study on the impact of Indian classical music, especially of Hindustani ragas on individuals, Dr Shantala Hegde, assistant professor, neuropsychology unit, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, says that after listening to Hindustani ragas, …

Which country has best classical music?

Vienna, Austria

The undisputed crown jewel of Europe’s classical music scene is Vienna. Several generations of the greatest composers lived and worked in Vienna under the patronage of the House of Hapsburg. These composers included Mozart, who first performed for the Empress Maria Theresa at Schönbrunn Palace.

Does Western have ragas?

Pitch and Melody

An Ancient System. … A raga (pronounced RAH-guh) is a collection of pitches, kind of like a scale or mode in Western music. Each raga is defined, however, not only by the pitches themselves, but also by specific formulas for using them.

Do a comparative study on Indian music and Western music?

Music in India has very ancient roots. … We have achieved a best accuracy of 98.0% and 77.5% for Indian and Western musical genres respectively. Our comparative analysis in- dicates that features that work well with one form of music may not necessarily perform well with the other form.

Why does Western classical music matter?

Some of the reasons Western Art Music still matters include: 1) Because it is scientifically proven to enhance cognitive performance; 2) Because it is in our core, being derived from the natural laws of the universe; 3) Because it connects humanity through time; 4) Because it is intricate and complex, and there is so …

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