Is Bangalore serving alcohol?

Is alcohol available today in Bangalore?

Liquor sale is allowed in all zones except containment zones.

Is alcohol banned in Bangalore?

The Commissioner of Police had modified the order imposing ban on sale of liquor in Bengaluru. According to the new order, the liquor ban will be in force Saturday midnight. … The liquor sale was prohibited apprehending law and order issue in the city.

Can I dunzo alcohol?

Excise is a state subject, so each state has varying levels of strictness in regulating services like Dunzo, which allow users to buy alcohol (among several other things) through them. Karnataka is among the stricter jurisdictions.

Does Swiggy deliver alcohol?

Meanwhile, Zomato’s rival Swiggy has decided to stick around in the alcohol delivery vertical. The company currently delivers alcohol in West Bengal and Odisha, and has reached out to other state governments for permission, a Swiggy spokesperson told us on Saturday, April 24.

Is dine in allowed in Bangalore restaurants?

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government on Saturday announced new relaxations to the Covid lockdown in 16 districts where the infection positivity rate has dropped to less than 5%, allowing hotels and restaurants to open with 50% capacity and shops to stay open till 5pm.

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Is there night curfew in Bangalore?

BENGALURU: The Covid Technical Advisory Committee has recommended the lifting of the 10pm to 6am night curfew that will hopefully bring nightlife back to Karnataka after nearly seven months.

Why is alcohol banned in Bangalore?

In the interest of maintaining law and order, the city police and district administration have banned the sale of liquor in Bengaluru Urban district. … The decision has been taken to protect the law and order situation and avoid any untoward incidents by anti-social elements, the order said.

Is Karnataka a dry state?

In India, consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the states of Bihar, Gujarat and Nagaland, Mizoram as well as the union territory of Lakshadweep. There is partial ban on alcohol in some districts of Manipur.


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Is alcohol banned in Karnataka?

Karnataka has been free of liquor for nearly 48 days now, with the government having shut all retail sales, including bars and pubs, due to the coronavirus-driven lockdown.

Does Amazon deliver alcohol?

Amazon is rolling out Prime Now alcohol delivery to new cities. … The two delivery standards include: Prime for Prime members with two-hour delivery for free, or one-hour delivery for $7.99. Over 30 cities currently have Prime Now, but only 12 offer the beer, wine, and spirits service.

Does zomato deliver liquor?

New Delhi: In an unprecedented u-turn, Zomato has moved out of the liquor delivery business which was started last year amid the nationwide lockdown introduced by the Central government. … The Gurugram-based company took the decision to shut the liquor delivery business in January 2021.

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Is alcohol delivery legal in India?

Ten days ago, the Delhi government allowed home delivery of alcohol through web portals and mobile apps—by provisioning it in the Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021. …