Is Bangalore a bad character?

Is Bangalore a bad guy?

Interestingly enough, the IMC is not exactly a heroic organisation. The IMC are one of the “bad guys” during the events of Titanfall 2. … Obviously, Bangalore does not come off as a villain, but it leaves one curious about her affiliation with this shady organisation.

Is Bangalore a good character?

Bangalore is a solid, well rounded legend with a good set of abilities that aren’t too difficult to use effectively – perfect for beginners, but tricky to justify at higher levels.

Is Bangalore bad apex?

Bangalore is the most mediocre legend in all of apex. That out of the way she is the most consistent but she has never reached the op tier of that of Wraith, Pathfinder, or Gibraltar. She’s always been just ok. She’s gotten a whole about 2 or 3 buffs since preseason 1.

Is Bangalore straight?

As for the rest of the Apex Legends: Lifeline is gay, Caustic is asexual, Mirage is trans, Pathfinder is pansexual, Wraith is straight, and Bangalore has never heard of sex.

Does Bangalore hate Valkyrie?

In Bangalore’s chapter of Pathfinder’s Quest (which I’d pull a direct quote from if I wasn’t at work lol) she has an entire paragraph talking about how she keeps her boots directly on the ground, doesn’t like to look above, and flying things have always been her weakness.

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Who is faster Bangalore or octane?

Octane is a so so kind of legend where he has not received anything ever since his launch. Though I do somewhat remember that Bangalore pre-season 1 ran 40% faster, but since Octane has been in game Bangalore runs 30% faster.

Does Bangalore need a buff?

Re: Devs, Bangalore needs a buff.

You can use it on enemies who are sniping you, since it has a ton of range. Her ult doesn’t do much damage, but it’s a great tool for repositioning, or forcing enemies to retreat/stay away.

Is Bangalore still good apex?

Bangalore has access to three abilities: Double Time (Passive), Smoke Launcher (Tactical), and Rolling Thunder (Ultimate). She has remained a consistent pick since the game launched, never too far away from the best Apex Legends characters. …

Is Bangalore better than Wraith?

Bangalore seems to be better for pushing with the smoke and speedboost. Wraith invisibility isn’t even good because you literally just shoot where the blue streak is and can’t see your enemy.

Is Bangalore good for beginners?

Bangalore is a really useful Legend for beginners to use as her defensive capabilities match her offensive abilities, so you’re getting a little bit of both. Her passive ability of Double Time means that if an enemy is shooting at her, Bangalore gets a boost of speed and can run faster but only for a short time.

Is Bangalore is a good city?

Technology hub Bangalore has been ranked the best Indian city to live in, according to a global survey. Bangalore beat Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta to emerge as the leading city for its quality of life, according to the list compiled by global consultancy firm Mercer.

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