How many zip codes are there in Delhi?

How many zip codes are in India?

Currently India has 6digit post code and soon it will be converted in 8 digits.

Hemant Singh.

S. No. Postal Code Geographical Area
1. PIN Code:1 Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh

How many Pincodes are there in Delhi?

Browse pin code of Delhi in India. Delhi (DL) has a number of 585 post offices situated in 9 districts.

Locality-wise pin codes of Delhi.

Post Office PINCode
Azad Nagar East Delhi 110051
Babarpur North East Delhi 110032
Badarpur Khadar 110090
Balbir Nagar 110032

Is Delhi a state?

Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), is a city and a union territory of India containing New Delhi, the capital of India. It is situated alongside River Yamuna and bordered by Haryana state on three sides and by Uttar Pradesh state to the east.

What is America zip code?

Complete List of U.S Zip Codes

States City Zip Code
Alaska (AK) Anchorage 99501 – 99524
Arizona (AZ) Phoenix 85001 – 85055
Arkansas (AR) Little Rock 72201 – 72217
California (CA) Sacramento Los Angeles Beverly Hills 94203 – 94209 90001 – 90089 90209 – 90213

Where is the ZIP Code 00000?

The 00000 zip code is described in state data as home to people who listed themselves as residents of Clearwater,Feather Sound,Baker County,Miramar Beach,Tierra Verde,Jackson County,St.

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What is the ZIP Code of India?

Postal Zones in India

First Digit of PIN Code Zone
6 Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep, Puducherry
7 Odisha, West Bengal, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam, Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
8 Jharkhand, Bihar
9 Army Post Office (APO), Field Post Office (FPO)

What was the first ZIP Code?

This first-ever ZIP Code was 00601, designating a decent chunk of Puerto Rico as the first Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) in the United States.

What is my 6 digit PIN code?


First Digit Region States Covered
5 Southern Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6 Southern Kerala and Tamil Nadu
7 Eastern West Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8 Eastern Bihar and Jharkand

What is Haryana PIN code?

Haryana Pin Code

Office Haryana
Pincode 244413
Taluk Bilari
Division Moradabad
District Moradabad