How many villages are there in India according to 2011 census?

How many how many villages are India?

As of 2019, there’s a total of 664,369 villages, up from the 649,481 in the 2011 Census of India and the 638,365 recorded in the 2001 Census of India.

How many villages are there in country?

According to the census – the most reliable source of information about administrative boundaries in the country – there are around 649,481 villages in India.

How many villages are there in up 2020?

13 Municipal corporations, 226 municipal boards, 59163 gram sabhas, 822 development blocks, 97941 populated villages 180000 post offices and 2885 telephone exchanges.

What is the census report of 2011?

According to the provisional reports released on 31 March 2011, the Indian population increased to 1.21 billion with a decadal growth of 17.70%.

Census report.

Population Total 1,210,854,977
Literacy Males 82.10%
Females 65.46%
Density of population per km2 382
Sex ratio per 1000 males 940 females

Was there a census in 2011?

Census statistics help paint a picture of the nation and how we live. They provide a detailed snapshot of the population and its characteristics, and underpin funding allocation to provide public services.

How many villages are there in Delhi?

List of Villages in Delhi

Shakar Pur Baramad Chilla Saroda Bangar Chilla Saroda Khadar
Nangli Sakrawati Paprawat Pindwala Kalan
Pindwala Khurd Qazi Pur Qutab Pur
Raghu Pur Raota Rewla Kham Pur
Roshan Pura alias Dichaon Khurd Salah Pur Samas Pur Khalsa
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How many villages in India have no electricity?

A separate 2018 survey of 360,000 villages by the central rural development ministry found more than 14,700 villages without electricity for domestic use. This is the third of a FactChecker series evaluating the government’s flagship programmes in the run-up to the 2019 general elections.