How many DC are there in Delhi?

How many collectors are there in Delhi?

There are 11 districts in Delhi. Here is the list of Delhi districts.

How many districts are there in Delhi?

No. 1
Name of District Central Delhi
Area (sq km) 23
Population 578,671
Name of Head Quarters Daryaganj

Does Delhi have DM?

Delhi is divided in Eleven Revenue Districts. Each district is headed by a District Magistrate, who has under him an Additional District Magistrate, Sub Divisional Magistrates, Tehsildars and Sub-Registrars.

Who is DC of South Delhi?


Name & Address Office E-mail
Deputy Commissioner South M. B. Road, Saket, New Delhi 29535025 Fax No. 29535797
Deputy Commissioner South-East Old Gargi Colleage Building, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi 26476402 Fax No. 26476403

Which is the capital city of India?

What is collector salary?

The highest salary for a Collector in India is ₹1,60,823 per month. The lowest salary for a Collector in India is ₹5,578 per month.

How many DM are there in India?

Reducing role. While almost all of the 741 Indian districts are headed by DMs, constitutional developments post Independence in 1947 have led to a reduction in power and realignment of roles for the District Magistrate.

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What is the power of DCP?

A DCP is the head of criminal administration and is responsible for controlling and directing the actions of the police. The Deputy Commissioner of Police is entrusted with the responsibility and powers of maintaining law and order in a district or a union territory of Indian.

Who is more powerful DCP or ACP?

Assistant commissioner is a rank used in many police forces around the globe. … ACP rank is smaller than Deputy commissioner or DCP , Commissioner or CP , Director general or DGP , Additional Deputy commissioner or ADCP and Assistant Director general or ADGP .