How many criminal cases are pending in Indian courts?

How many cases are pending in India 2019?

In India though, justice is often indefinitely kept pending. The result: There are 4.5 crore pending cases across all courts in India, as of September 15. In fact, in 2019, there were 3.3 crore pending cases — which means that in the last two years, India has added 23 cases every minute to its pendency list.

How long does a criminal case last in India?

How long will it take for a final Judgment after the Case is filed? Normally criminal case is expected to be decided within six months. Civil matters are expected to have disposal within three years.

Why Indian judiciary is so slow?

There are numerous causes behind the law’s delay and ineffectiveness. The inadequate number of judges as well as courts in the country is one of the primary causes of delayed disposal of cases. … This is one of the big reasons for such a huge number of pending cases in India.

How many criminal cases are pending?

According to reports that cited data from the National Judicial Data Grid and the Supreme Court, at present there are 3.9 crore cases pending in the district and subordinate courts, 58.5 lakh cases in the various high courts, and more than 69,000 cases in the Supreme Court.

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What Supreme Court cases are pending?

October Term 2021 cases

Case Docket no. Certiorari granted
Babcock v. Kijakazi 20-480 March 1, 2021
Badgerow v. Walters 20-1143 May 17, 2021
Becerra v. Empire Health Foundation 20-1312 July 2, 2021
Boechler, P.C. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue 20-1472 September 30, 2021

Why court cases take so long?

From getting an FIR registered to going to a lower court which takes its own time to decide cases and maybe even the High Court or Supreme Court in case of dissatisfaction, means a case can take years to decide. … 24 High Courts currently have 464 vacant posts for judges.

What is judicial delay?

Judicial delays are one of the major problems faced by the Indian Judiciary which affects the right of speedy trial of the accused granted under article 21 of the Indian constitution and also dilutes the faith of the public on the judiciary.[2]

What countries have the worst legal systems?

The lowest ranking countries with the worst judicial systems are Venezuela, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Cameroon. Russia is ranked precariously low as well as mostly African and Asian countries that are not known for upholding civil rights of its citizens.