How can I call ambulance in Delhi?

What happens when you call 102?

The 102 Free Ambulance Service is an emergency medical transport service in India. It is also called National Ambulance Service (NAS). Under this service, all the ambulances are fitted with GPS system (for easy tracking) and other necessary medical equipment.

Is 108 ambulance service free?

The 108 Emergency Ambulance Service is a 24×7 service, which anyone can avail by dialling the number 108 on their phone during the case of any emergency. … Coordination with police and fire department is also facilitated through the Emergency Response Centre. The entire service is free for any citizen.

How can I call ambulance in India?


  1. It may be possible to dial 108, which is a free service in some parts of India.
  2. It may be possible to dial 1298, which is a paid-service available in some parts of India.

What is the difference between ambulance 102 and 108?

The 108 is an Emergency Medical Response Ambulance service whereas 102 is free of cost ambulance service for pregnant women and infants. … On the other hand, 102 ambulance services are dedicated to transferring pregnant women and neonates to the nearest healthcare facilities.

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Are ambulances free in India?

Transportation is absolutely free. All ambulances are fitted with Basic Life Saving (BLS) devices. Every ambulance is having an Emergency Medical Technician for medical care. Patient can be carried from a lower health facility centre to a nearest higher health facility centre.

Which emergency number is 112?

112 is the European emergency number, available free of charge, 24/7, anywhere in the European Union. Citizens can dial 112 to reach the emergency services, including the police, emergency medical services and the fire brigade.

What happens if you call 108?

When a user says “108” to Siri, it automatically dials local emergency services. The posts ask users to close their eyes because there is a five-second window where a user can press cancel, in case a call was placed accidentally.

What is the use of 104 ambulance?

The 104 Medical Helpline is a 24×7 medical advice helpline providing directory information, details on health schemes, a grievance redressal to millions of people 365 days. In Odisha we operate over 20 seater call center helpline which caters to thousands of queries every day.

What is the 911 number in India?

20 states join pan-India single emergency helpline number ‘112‘ The single number for emergency services is similar to ‘911’ in the United States.