Frequent question: Which president led the Indian Removal Act and defied the system of checks and balances?

Why did President Jackson support Indian Removal?

According to Jackson, moving the Indians would separate them from immediate contact with settlements of whites, free them from the power of the States, enable them to pursue happiness in their own way, and would stop their slow extinction.

Which of the Supreme Court decisions did President Jackson ignore?

President Andrew Jackson ignored the Court’s decision in Worcester v. Georgia, but later issued a proclamation of the Supreme Court’s ultimate power to decide constitutional questions and emphasizing that its decisions had to be obeyed.

What did President Andrew Jackson mean when he said John Marshall has rendered his decision now let him enforce it?

Q. What did President Andrew Jackson mean when he said “John Marshall has rendered his decision, now let him enforce it”? President Jackson meant he would see that troops were sent to enforce the decision. President Jackson meant that the Supreme Court must get the legislature to agree to the decision.

What was the Indian Removal Act quizlet?

Law passed by Congress in 1830 and supported by President Andrew Jackson allowing the U.S. government to remove the Native Americans from their eastern homelands and force them to move west of the Mississippi River. Many tribes signed treaties and agreed to voluntary removal.

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What was the result of the Indian Removal Act?

President Andrew Jackson to Congress, On Indian Removal, December 6, 1830. … Intrusions of land-hungry settlers, treaties with the U.S., and the Indian Removal Act (1830) resulted in the forced removal and migration of many eastern Indian nations to lands west of the Mississippi.

What did the Indian Removal Act require?

What did the Indian Removal Act require? … It required that all Americans Indians east Mississippi River would move to lands farther west. Black Hawk’s War was the result.