Frequent question: Which part of India is best for education?

Which state of India is best for education?

Kerala is India’s most literate state, with the highest literacy rate in the country. It has constantly been regarded as having India’s best education system.

Which city is better for education in India?

Most of the metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi are the best cities in India for Education. In addition, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kochi, and Jaipur are also the best cities for education.

Which is the No 1 education in India?

Leading educational institutions in India 2021, by rank

Among the leading educational institutions across India in 2021, Indian Institute of Technology or IIT for short, in the southern city of Chennai had the highest ranking , followed by Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

Which state is safe for girl in India?


S.No State/UT Crime against Women (IPC + SLL)
1 Andhra Pradesh 16362
2 Arunachal Pradesh 367
3 Assam 20869

Which state is intelligent in India?

Uttar Pradesh is the top performer among all Indian states in rankings given by the Centre’s Smart Cities Mission project, followed by Madhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the Union government said on Friday, releasing the results of the India Smart Cities Awards Contest (ISAC) 2020.

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Which city has best student life in India?

Top 5 Student Cities in India

  1. Kanpur. Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the north of the country, Kanpur is among India’s old and significantly industrial cities. …
  2. Mumbai. …
  3. Delhi. …
  4. Chennai. …
  5. Bangalore.

Which is the safest city in India for students?

India’s Safest Metro Cities: Kolkata Tops The List

  • Kolkata – 129.5. Kolkata has been compared with eighteen others with over 2 million population to come up with these rankings. …
  • Hyderabad – 233. …
  • Mumbai – 318.6. …
  • Bengaluru – 401.9. …
  • Surat – 1300. …
  • Ahmedabad – 1300.5. …
  • Delhi – 1608.6. …
  • Chennai – 1937.1.

Is education in India bad?

The Government of India is well aware of the problems in the Indian education system, but has been slow in responding to them. School infrastructure is in a poor state and many school teachers are not properly qualified, with 31% of them not having a degree. … Consequently, the state of learning is very poor.

Which education is best for future in India?

Top 10 Indian Universities as per QS Rankings

University/College/Institute Location QS World University Rankings 2022
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Guwahati =395
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Roorkee =400
University of Delhi New Delhi 500-510
Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi 561-570