Frequent question: Which is the largest ocean island in India?

Which is the largest island in the ocean?

1. Greenland. With a total covered area of 2,130,800 sq km, Greenland is 1st largest island in the world. Located between the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, Greenland was considered to be an inhospitable land, but now it has been converted to an adventure spot.

What is the largest island in the Indian?

The Andrott Island is the largest island with an area of 4.90 sq km, length of 4.66 km and a maximum width of 1.43 km.


Island at a glance
Population(2011) 11191
Density(per 2312
Access by Air and Sea from India,South-west coast

Which is the second largest island in India?

It is the second largest and southern most island in Lakshadweep, crescent shaped and has one of the largest lagoons. Viringli is the small islet that you see on the south. Minicoy is set apart from the Northern group of islands by its culture.

Which is the smallest island of India?

The Bitra Island is the smallest inhabited island in the territory having a land area of 0.105 sq km. It has a length of 0.57 km and a width of 0.28 km at the broadest point.


Island at a glance
Distance to Malabar coast 483 km from Kochi
Total geographical Area 0.10 sq.Kms
Maximum Length 0.57 km
Width 0.28 km
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Which is the smallest island in Indian Ocean?

The northernmost Bitra Island is the smallest inhabited island in India.

Laccadive-Chagos ridge.

Name of island Cocos–Keeling islands
Position 12°00′S, 96°56′E
Location South east Indian Ocean
Geomorphology Atoll

How many islands are near India?

India has a total of 1,382 off-shore identified islands. The development potential of these islands and maritime resources has been accorded high priority.

Is Antarctica the largest island?

The largest island on Earth is Greenland, with a total land area of 2.2 million km2. This is a bit of a complicated question because it’s hard to define the difference between an island and a continent. Both Antarctica and Australia are larger than Greenland, but they’re continents, so they’re out.