Frequent question: What was the most important thing that helped Indian Ocean trade be reliable and flourish?

What was the most amazing aspect of the Indian Ocean trade network?

The most amazing aspect of the Indian Ocean trade network was that the trade was very peaceful, except for a few pirates.

What technological developments helped the Indian Ocean trade be successful?

What technological developments helped the Indian Ocean trade become successful? The ability to know direction with a compass and knowing your latitude with an astrolabe. Ships were also improved to be more stable.

Which was the most important port of Indian Ocean trade on west coast of India?

The dhow trade was particularly important in the western Indian Ocean, where those vessels could take advantage of the monsoon winds; a great variety of products were transported between ports on the coast of East Africa and ports on the Arabian Peninsula and on the west coast of India (notably Mumbai, Mangaluru (

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What are some of the reasons the Indian Ocean trade took off and was so popular?

What are some of the reasons the Indian Ocean Trade took off and was so popular? They were seasonal and consistent. Monsoons would help carry ships from Africa to India between April and September. They carried ships back from November to February.

What made the Indian Ocean trade more efficient than the Silk Road?

With transportation costs being lower it meant that the Indian Ocean trade network could (eventually) carry more bulk goods and products whereas the Silk Roads were limited to luxury goods.

What are the new navigational instruments innovations used that helped the Indian Ocean trade?

Innovations in navigational technology (compass, astrolabe, lateen sail, stern-post rudder, etc.) helped significantly increase the volume and extent of trade in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.

What technology spreads through the Indian Ocean trade?

Indian Ocean Trade Network

Chinese invented larger ships and the magnetic compass, likewise added momentum of commercial growth. Larger ships meant more cargo and spices across the ocean and all over the world, and the magnetic compass to know which direction they are going.

Why did trade along the Indian Ocean contribute to the growth of states?

The Indian Ocean trading network fostered the growth of states. … In key places along important trade routes, merchants set up diasporic communities where they introduced their own cultural traditions into the indigenous cultures and, in turn, indigenous cultures influenced merchant cultures.

How did trade in the Indian Ocean lead to political change?

Trade stimulated political change as ambitious rulers use well derived from commerce to construct larger and more centrally governed states or cities; experienced cultural change as local people were attracted to foreign religious ideas from Hindu, Buddhist, or Islamic sources.

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