Frequent question: Is it good to buy flat or independent house in Bangalore?

Which is better to buy independent house or flat?

For buyers like a modern nuclear family on a budget or seniors looking to spend their retirement in peace; apartment is the best option. … While it is easier to find tenants for apartments due to huge demand, rent yield is higher for independent houses depending on factors like size of room, locality among other things.

Is it a good decision to buy a flat in Bangalore?

Honestly Bangalore flat prices are a little higher but ‘Is buying a flat in Bangalore a good investment,’ this one thought has come to the mind of many. … Major builders and developers have acquired lands here and many ready to move in projects are up for sale at good prices.

Are flats safer than houses?

Compared to a house, a flat is so much more secure. Often, they’ll have a gate you have to get through before you even get close to the building. … You might not be quite as safe if your flat is on the ground floor but even then, a flat is far more secure than a house.

Is it worth buying 10 year old flat in Bangalore?

It is worth buying an old flat because you will get the property at a cheaper rate than a newly constructed property. Benefits of Getting a resale flat: … However, in an under-construction project, it may take some time to get possession of the property, which can be heavy on your pocket.

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Which one is better villa or flat?

It is no secret that villas are higher priced compared to apartments – even costlier than apartments those that fall within the high-end luxury category. Villas also trump apartments in terms of maintenance cost as they incur higher maintenance fees as compared to apartments.

Are flats a bad investment?

There are of course disadvantages to buying flats as investments. Sometimes lenders see them as being a high risk. Flats also have small living spaces, with no opportunity to extend or convert a loft, for instance. There is usually a high turnover of tenants too, as well as hidden maintenance costs.

Why you should not buy a flat?

Repairing and maintenance charges: This is probably the greatest reason why buying a flat can be so expensive in long run and can cost a substantial amount of money which will be required if the overall area of the building, which houses your flat, deteriorates or needs repairing.

Are flats hard to sell?

Flats are harder to sell

Houses are currently achieving a 43% sales rate whereas flats are finding it harder with only 31% achieving a successful sale.