Frequent question: How many cc is the Indian FTR?

Is the FTR 1200 Fast?

The Dragy 60-130 mph time is a decent 9.86 seconds, a time that won’t worry a Supersport 600, but the FTR1200 will probably brutalise it from 60-100 mph, and especially if the 600 is in the wrong gear.

Indian FTR 1200 Top Speed & Acceleration
Speed Time
0-60 mph 3.32
0-70 mph 3.88
0-80 mph 5.59

Is the FTR 1200 a naked bike?

In what feels like 10 years ago, but was actually just two, I rode the then-new Indian Motorcycles FTR 1200. It was Indian’s first go at a bare-knuckle, naked street bike with influence from the brand’s flat tracker. It was, and still is, a very different proposition to the rest of the company’s cruiser lineup.

What does FTR mean with Indian Motorcycles?

A WINNING LEGACY. The original Indian Motorcycle Wrecking Crew became icons of American flat track racing with championship wins in 1951, ’52 and ’53.

Does the FTR have cruise control?

Ride longer in comfort with cruise control standard.

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