Frequent question: How does Chennai get its drinking water?

Where does Chennai get its water from?

Chennai receives most of its water from Poondi Lake (3,231 Mcft), Sholavaram Lake (881 Mcft), Red Hills Lake (3,300 Mcft) and Chembarambakkam Lake (3,645 Mcft). The Veeranam Water Supply Project was implemented as an additional source of water to Chennai City.

How do people get water in Chennai?

When rains fail, the city must rely on huge desalination plants and water piped in from hundreds of kilometers away because most of its rivers and lakes are too polluted. While climate change and extreme weather have played a part, the main culprit for Chennai’s water woes is poor planning.

Is Chennai tap water safe to drink?

Samples taken from Chennai fall short on hardness, turbidity and TDS standards. A nationwide study conducted by the Bureau of Indian Standards, under the Department of Consumer Affairs, has found that the quality of tap water in the city is poor.

How did Chennai run out of water?

While climate change and extreme weather have played a part, the main culprit for Chennai’s water woes is poor planning. As the city grew, vast areas of the surrounding floodplain, along with its lakes and ponds, disappeared.

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Which lake gives water to Chennai?

Chembarambakkam lake is a lake located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, about 25 km from Chennai. It is one of the two rain-fed reservoirs from where water is drawn for supply to Chennai City, the other one being the Puzhal Lake.

Chembarambakkam Lake
Surface area 3,800 acres (15 km2)
Settlements Chennai

Which area in Chennai is rich in water supply?

Aquifers in Central Chennai, which has alluvial soil and once yielded water within 25m, have gone dry too. “Only a few pockets such as Valasaravakkam, Alwarthirunagar, Virugambakkam, Porur and parts of Mylapore have alluvial aquifers with water. Open wells in these areas have dried up,” Saravanan said.

How many bodies of water are there in Chennai?

The expanded Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) has nearly 4,100 water bodies, with a potential storage capacity of 150,000 million cubic feet.

Can we drink Chennai Metro Water?

Metro Water is legally bound to provide safe drinking water to all. … Chennai’s water managers could also learn from their Mumbai counterparts. In Mumbai, 3850 MLD of the cleanest tap water in India is supplied daily.

Is Chennai Metro Water Drinkable?

Use Metrowater for drinking and cooking only. Ensure clean environment particularly near water sump/tap. Provide rainwater-harvesting facilities for which the guidelines are available with us. In case the building is demolished for new construction, inform us to disconnect the service line.

How can we purify Metro Water in Chennai?

1. Boil water for drinking: Boiling removes the temporary hardness by expelling carbon-di -oxide and precipitating the insoluble calcium carbonate. It kills all bacterias pores, cyst and ova.

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