Frequent question: How can I go Mumbai to Chennai?

How can I travel from Mumbai to Chennai?

The recommended way to reach from Mumbai to Chennai is flight to Chennai International Airport and takes 1h 55m. Flights from Go Air, Spicejet, Vistara etc. Buses from National Travel., SRS Travels , National Travels(nts) etc. Cabs from Wiwigo, Ryde etc.

How can I go to Mumbai from Chennai by train?

Mumbai To Chennai Trains

  1. LTT CHENNAI EXP #12163. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  2. LTT KARAIKAL EXP #11017. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  3. LTT CHENNAI EXP #11073. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  4. ADI CHENNAI EXP #19420. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  5. ADI MAS SPL #06052. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  6. ADI MAS HUMSAFAR #22920. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  7. CSMT CHENNAI EX #11041. …
  8. CHENNAI MAIL #11027.

Is there any special train from Mumbai to Chennai?

The fastest train from Mumbai to Chennai is Mumbai LTT MGR Chennai Central Special Fare Special (02163) which travels a distance of 1261 kms in just 21 hrs 35 mints.

What is the quarantine period in Chennai?

Home Quarantine Domestic Passengers: 07 days of Home Quarantine. Asymptomatic passengers will be permitted to go with an advice for self- monitoring. Constitutional & Govt. functionaries and their staff members are exempted from 7 days of home quarantine.

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Are trains running from Mumbai to Chennai?

There are 5 weekly trains and 3 daily trains that run from Mumbai to Chennai , covering the shortest distance of about 266 km by LTT KARAIKAL EXP(11017). Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from Mumbai to Chennai.

Where is Chennai express train now?

12604 Chennai Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
GUDUR JN (GDR) 03:18 Ontime
NAYADUPETA (NYP) 03:43 Ontime
SULLURUPETA (SPE) 04:08 Ontime

What is 2S train?

Second seater: 2S Second Seating, lowest class where the seats are in form of benches may or may not be with cushion. CC means AC chair car, usually preffered for short distances & is commonly found in Shatabdi trains. Seat layout are similar to bus or flights.

How much time does it take to reach Chennai from Mumbai?

You can reach Chennai from Mumbai by travelling in a train. Mumbai to Chennai train takes approximately 21 h 33 m.

Are trains available to Chennai?

Traveling to Chennai is easy thanks to the railway connectivity. … There are 3 weekly trains connecting Vijayawada Jn to Chennai, 2 weekly trains connecting New Delhi to Chennai, and 4 weekly trains connecting Howrah Jn to Chennai.

How many special trains are in lockdown?

Days after Indian Railways resumed passenger train services in the country in a “phased” manner with 15 pairs of trains from 12 May, 2020, the national transporter is now gearing up to run another 200 special trains from 1 June, 2020 in a move to let citizens travel to their hometowns amid the nationwide lockdown.

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Which trains are running from Mumbai?

Full list of trains running till August 12: Here’s all you need to know

Train no. Train name Source
01061/62 Darbhanga Express Lokmanyatilak (T)
01071/72 Kamayani Express Lokmanyatilak (T)
01093/94 Mahanagri Express Mumbai CST
01139/40 Mumbai CST Gadag Express Mumbai CST

Can I travel to Chennai without Epass?

Travel to the airport or railway stations in two-wheeler or four-wheeler to pick up a family member is allowed without e-pass or e-registration. A proof of travel is sufficient. > Persons are allowed to travel to the place of residence of elderly family members who are living alone and in need of care.

Do foreigners live in Chennai?

For this reason, many American expats will live in the southern suburbs of Chennai. Neighbourhoods like Adyar, Besant Nagar, Thiruvanmeyur are popular as are many locations along the East Coast Road (ECR) and especially along the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR).

Is Epass required to travel to Chennai?

Further travel relaxations have been allowed in category 2 (23 districts) and category 3 which consists of Chennai, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram and Chengelpet in addition to the ones already allowed. … E-pass is required for inter district travel for wedding from category 1 to other districts and vice versa.