Does Air India have web check in?


Does Air India allow Web check-in?

Passengers travelling on Air India, can now avail of the Web Check-in (WCI) facility. It is a facility where the passengers can check-in themselves for Air India flights at their convenience from their homes/offices or any other location. All they need is a PC/Laptop having net connectivity and a printer.

When can I web check-in Air India?

A. Web Check in is permitted starting 48 hours in advance and up to 2 hours before flight departure time for International travel. For Domestic travel web check in is permitted up to 1 hour before departure. However, Passenger can enter airport 4 hours prior to departure.

Is web check-in mandatory now in India?

As per the current government guidelines, it is mandatory to web check-in for your domestic flight. … It is mandatory for all passengers to check-in online 48 hours to 60 min before flight departure. Please check the applicable rules of the arrival city and state before travelling.

How do I get my Air India boarding pass?

Air India Boarding Pass.

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You can visit official site of Air India under manage booking section you can print your e-ticket and do web check-in simple steps. Using your phone call Air India customer care at +91 22 26 26 5555 ask them to send your boarding pass on your registered email address.

What is Web reference in Air India ticket?

Web Check-in is a facility that allows fliers to select their seats and download and print boarding pass in Air India flights based on their convenience. This process helps passengers skip queues at the airport. All you need to do is to visit Air India website-

How do I check-in with Air India?

Check-in Option

You can check-in through AIR INDIA website and make selection of your seat on- line and print boarding pass at the convenience of your office or residence. If you have baggage to deposit, you are requested to report sufficiently in advance before check-in closure at airports.

Is printout required for Web check-in?

Avoid long queues at the airport and travel hassle-free with Web Check-in. Passengers flying domestic sectors can Web Check-in at any time up to 48 hours to 60 min before flight departure. Useful Tips: Please don’t forget to carry a printout of your boarding card.

What is the difference between web check-in and airport check-in?

You’ll receive it after checking in for your flight. If you check in at the airport, you’ll receive a paper boarding pass; if you check in online, you’ll receive an electronic boarding pass. For Brussels Airlines flights, online check-in opens 24 hours before departure.

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Can we do web check-in with luggage?

What about my baggage? If you have only carry-on bags, you can directly proceed to Security Check. If you have bags that need to be checked in, you need to go to your airline counter. Most airlines will have a dedicated Baggage Drop counter for web checked in passengers.

What happens if I don’t do web check-in?

Some airlines will make you pay a fine if you haven’t checked-in online or if you don’t have a printed copy of your boarding pass. … Finally, be mindful of the check-in time: the airline may deny you boarding if you didn’t check-in on time.

Is web check-in Free in Go Air?

For Go First airlines web check in, passengers will have to check-in online from 48 hours for their international flights and 72 hours for their domestic flights until 2 hours before the scheduled departure. … The airlines will charge Rs. 100 as facilitation fee from those who will check-in at the airport.