Do students get extra baggage allowance in Air India?

Do students get extra baggage allowance in India?

Free additional baggage allowance (max. 20 kgs) for students travelling from SAARCcountries to India on Air India direct flights and for return tickets purchased in SAARCcountries.

Are students allowed extra baggage?

For students traveling from India to US, the carrier is offering students extra baggage allowance of three pieces weighing up to 23kg per piece, according to its website. … they are allowed 40kg of baggage. The offer is valid for bookings made before March 31, 2018 for flights before Dec 31, 2018.

Which airlines allow extra baggage for students?

Extra Baggage Allowance For Students


Does Air India allow 2 bags?

For Economy passengers with two pieces of luggage, the total combined dimensions (length + breadth + height) of both pieces should not exceed 273cm (107 inches). Also the linear dimension of each piece should not exceed 62 inches. The weight of each bag must not exceed 23 Kgs or 50 pounds.

How do students get extra luggage on a plane?

You just need to carry a valid student ID that will be required to check-in for the verification. So, plan your travel and leave all the excess baggage woes behind. Good luck!

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Which flights give student discount?

Student Flight Offers

  • Domestic airlines with student discounts. Air India, GoAir, IndiGo and Vistara are among the major domestic airlines offering student discount on flights. …
  • GoAir. On a GoAir domestic flight, the student fare amounts to a 15% discount on base fare. …
  • IndiGo. …
  • Vistara. …
  • SpiceJet. …
  • Air India.

Which airlines give student discounts in India?

So, let’s have look on top airlines offering attractive discount to students:

  • Delta Airline. Delta Airlines offers the best discounts on airfare to students going for education abroad. …
  • Singapore Airline. …
  • IndiGo Airline. …
  • Vistara Airline. …
  • Air India Airline.

How can a student travel for free in India?

Couchsurfing looks another upcoming option while traveling in India. They connect you with hosts who are willing to allow you to stay at their place for free.

How many bags are allowed in international flight for students?

Under the scheme, ‘Maharaja Scholars’ such student travellers would be allowed to carry an extra piece of luggage weighing up to 23 kg, in addition to the current check-in baggage allowance of one piece of luggage for the UK and Europe, or two pieces of luggage for destinations in the US and Canada, Air India said in a …

Which airline gives maximum baggage allowance?

Baggage allowance often varies with the airline and the destination. For example, baggage allowance to the US, on most airlines, is higher than other destinations.

Check-in Baggage Regular First – 40 kg Executive – 35 kg Economy – 15 kg
ATR 15 kg
Hand Baggage Regular 7 kg including laptop
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Does Air Asia have student discount?

AirAsia. Air Asia does not provide any special student discounts on flights. Airline students offers give students an opportunity to get cheap flight tickets.