Do South Indians wear Mangalsutra?

Is it OK not to wear mangalsutra?

To wear a mangalsutra or not should be a matter of choice for every woman. … Similarly, if wearing a mangalsutra means nothing to you, or if you perceive it as a regressive norm that simply reduces a woman to her marital identity, then you should not have to wear it out of peer or social pressure.

Do Punjabis have mangalsutra?

And, there’s a common question revolving in people’s minds; Do Punjabis Wear Mangalsutra? Well, the answer is yes. Punjabi Married Women do wear mangalsutra. Phere is followed by the groom putting sindoor on the bride’s head and then putting the mangalsutra around her neck to seal the deal.

Who should buy mangalsutra?

Generally a mangalsutra is bought groom’s family. But these days, it’s not uncommon for the groom or his family to include the bride in the mangalsutra selection process. It can be very helpful if the bride gets to decide her mangalsutra as she will be the one wearing it.

Can a Hindu marry a Sikh?

Marriages between Sikhs and Hindus, particularly among Khatris, are frequent. Dogra states that there has always been inter-marriage between the Khatri Hindu and the Sikh Khatri communities. … Sikh scriptures are venerated by certain Hindu communities, often by syncretic sects.

What is Roka?

Roka is one of the most significant ceremonies that take place before an Indian wedding. The roka ceremony marks the union of both the bride and groom’s family and friends.

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Do Muslims wear mangalsutra?

Young Muslim women in India, and even Pakistan, can be increasingly seen sporting the chooda, mangalsutra and often the sindoor. And they see no taboo in it, taking it as a fashion statement, something that adds to their ‘just married’ look.

Can we wear mangalsutra in hand?

Acharya Manoj, a Delhi-based pandit, says, “Wearing a mangalsutra anywhere but around the neck is disrespectful to Indian culture. Kisi ko hamari sanskriti ka mazaak banane ki anumati nahi hai.” Says Mehrauli-based priest Acharya Mahesh Chandra Shukla, “Wearing it on the hand can make it impure.”