Best answer: Why winter is the best season in India?


What is the Speciality of winter season in India?

The winter season in India comes in the months of January and February. As per the Hindu calendar, this season occurs in the months of Magha and Phalguna. This season lies between pre winter and spring season. This season is characterized by dryness, cold winds, occasional rainfall and snowfall.

Why winter is the healthiest season?

Winter can be brutal, but research shows you might get some health benefits during the colder months. When it’s cold, your body has to work harder to maintain its core body temperature — and as a result, you might burn more calories. Colder temperatures can help reduce both allergies and inflammation.

What do you think about winter season?

Some also burn little pieces of wood to get some warmth. (7) Hot drinks and eatables are preferred by people to keep themselves warm. (8) This season offers us lots of fresh fruits and vegetables like oranges, kiwis, bananas, apples, radish, carrots and green vegetables.

How do you enjoy winter season?

Either way, here are your 6 best ways to enjoy the season, to either embrace the cold, or forget about it for a minute.

  1. Embrace the Weather! …
  2. Make snow people. …
  3. Warm Beverages for a winter treat. …
  4. Volunteer free time to help the needy. …
  5. Find a fireplace. …
  6. Light a seasonal scented candle.
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Which season is best for human body?

Summer is considered to be the best season for weight loss. This is because during winters, availability of comfort foods and cold climate might deviate us from our goals but summer foods and a happier weather help us stay energetic and get going all day long.

What season is best for your health?

It’s Official: Summer Is The Healthiest Time Of The Year (Science Says So)