Best answer: Which Indian state is the largest producer of gold?

Which state in India produces gold?

By States, largest resources in terms of gold ore (primary) are located in Bihar (44%) followed by Rajasthan (25%), Karnataka (21%),West Bengal (3%), Andhra Pradesh (3% ), Jharkhand (2 %). The remaining 2% resources of ore are located in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Which state is known for gold?

Nevada is the leading gold-producing state in the nation, in 2018 producing 5,581,160 troy ounces (173.6 tonnes), representing 78% of US gold and 5.0% of the world’s production. Much of the gold in Nevada comes from large open pit mining and with heap leaching recovery.

Which place is famous for gold in India?

In India, there are three gold areas mainly. Here are – Kolar Goldfield in Kolar district of Karnataka, Hutt Goldfield in Raichur district of Karnataka and Ramagiri Goldfield in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

What is India the largest producer of?

India is the largest producer of pulses in the world, and the biggest milk producer. It is also one of the largest producers of rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and groundnuts, as well as the second-largest fruit and vegetable producer.

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