Best answer: Which Indian state has lowest literacy rate?

Which state has the lowest literacy rate in India in 2021?

‘ The report ranks various states on the basis of their literate population. Even though India fell short of achieving 100 percent, it still stood at an aggregate of 77.7 percent. The highest literacy rate was achieved by Kerala, while the lowest rate went to Andhra Pradesh.

Which state has lowest literacy rate as per 2021?

At 96.2%, Kerala tops India’s literacy rate chart again; Andhra Pradesh ranks lowest with 66.4%

Which state is less educated in India?

Top 10 Lowest Literate States of India : Ranking

2011 Census
Rank State Literacy
1 Bihar 61.80
2 Arunachal Pradesh 65.38
3 Rajasthan 66.11

Why Kerala has high literacy rate?

Kerala has emerged as the state with the highest literacy rate in India, yet again. The structural and historical reasons for this achievement are traced back to the 19th century when the queen of Trivandrum decreed the provision of free elementary education to all the people residing in the state.

Which is highest literacy city in India?

Top 10 Highest Literate Cities of India : Ranking

2011 Census
Rank City Literacy
1 Aizawl 98.36
2 Kochi 97.36
3 Thrissur 97.06
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What is the rank of India in literacy?


List INDIA Ranking/Total Countries hideNotes
Health Expenditure per capita (PPP) 141 / 190 2014 – $267 (inflation-adjusted 2011 dollars)
Human Capital Index 115 / 152 2018
Literacy rate 77.7% 2017-18 – 77.7%

What is the rank of India in literacy rate?

India Literacy Rate 1981-2021

Similar Country Ranking
Country Name Literacy Rate
India 74.37%
Bangladesh 73.91%
Morocco 73.75%