Best answer: When was the population policy implemented in India explain?

When was India’s population policy implemented?

PIP: India evolved a comprehensive national population policy in April 1967. The primary assumption behind this policy was that the population explosion was an offshoot of poverty and must be dealt with as a part of an overall design for a better life.

When was the population policy been implemented?

National Population Policy formulated in the year 2000, reaffirms the Government’s commitment towards voluntary and informed choice, target free approach and achievement of replacement level of fertility by simultaneously addressing the issues of contraception, maternal health and child survival.

In which five year plan was population Policy introduce in India?

Fourth Five-Year Plan: All kinds of birth control methods (conventional and modern) were encouraged. Fifth Five Year Plan: Under this plan the National Population Policy was announced on 16 April, 1976.

What do you know about population policy of India?

The UP Population Policy aims to bring down the total fertility rate (TFR) among women to 2.1 by 2026 and to 1.9 by 2030, from the current rate of 2.7. Even if TFR of 2 or 2.1 is achieved, due to population momentum, growth will continue beyond because of the high concentration of women of childbearing age.

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What do you mean by population policy explain?

Population policy can be defined as deliberately constructed or modified institutional arrangements or specific programs through the governments influence, directly or indirectly for the demographic change (Demeny, 2003).

What is the National population Policy of India 2011?

The Long Term Objective:

ADVERTISEMENTS: The long term objective is to achieve a stable population by 2045 at a level consistent with the requirements of sustainable economic growth, social development, and environment protection.

What is population Policy 2000?

The National Population Policy, 2000 (NPP 2000) affirms the commitment of government towards voluntary and informed choice and consent of citizens while availing of reproductive health care services, and continuation of the target free approach in administering family planning services.

When was the population Policy of India announced Class 12?

Population Policy of India

In 1952 the National Family Planning Programme (NFPP) was introduced.

Who prepared 12th five year plan?

12th Five Year Plan of the Government of India (2012–17) was India’s last Five Year Plan. With the deteriorating global situation, the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia has said that achieving an average growth rate of 8 per cent in the next five years is not possible.

What is the 11th Five Year Plan of India?

In order to make growth more inclusive, the Eleventh Plan proposes to increase the agriculture sector growth rate to 4 percent from 2.13 percent in the Tenth Plan. The growth targets for industry and services sectors have been pegged at 9 to 11 percent.

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