Best answer: What music do Indian ringnecks like?

How do you keep an Indian ringneck entertained?

Provide your pet with plenty of toys to keep him entertained. Rotate toys frequently so he doesn’t get bored. Purchase toys designed especially for pet birds, without sharp edges or little pieces your parakeet can swallow — expect him to take toys apart.

Is loud music bad for parrots?

“A problem that birds suffer that is similar to humans is damage to the auditory receptors (hair cells) from loud noises. The sound intensity that produces damage and the amount of damage produced differs depending on the species.”

How do you tell if a parrot likes a song?

When your bird whistles, sings, talks or chatters along with the song you’re playing, it means she’s content and likes what she’s hearing, according to Birds N Ways. If she’s screeching, growling or hissing, she probably doesn’t enjoy the song.

How do I know if my bird is bored?

Normal parrots, depending on their species, make loud noise. However, a sudden increase in screaming and screeching may indicate that a bird is stressed, unhappy, or bored. Just as biting can be indicative of pain or discomfort, so can screaming.

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