Are Indian Runner ducks good with chickens?

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Do Indian Runner ducks get along with chickens?

Hi Sanna, I have both chickens and ducks in my small garden here, they get along fine together, although there is an issue about cross species mating which should not happen between drakes and hens (it’s fine between roosters and ducks, but drakes can seriously injure hens); not a problem if you don’t keep any drakes.

How do you introduce ducks to chickens?

Providing some type of shelter in the run is a good idea, whether it be a tarp or small dog house, so your ducks can go underneath to get out of the wind or elements if they wish. Another option is to provide the ducks their own housing, but let the chickens and ducks share a run by day.

Can chickens eat duck starter?

Chicks and ducklings should eat starter crumble for the first six to eight weeks of life. Feed starter mash to small-breed animals who may have trouble eating the larger crumbles. … After the first few weeks, chicks and ducklings can switch to grower pellets until they mature and begin eating adult food.

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